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Everyone needs to advertise.  There are many platforms to choose from but unless you know the difference between the advertising agencies, newspapers, radio, etc... and who they reach, you may feel lost.  That is where we come in.  Our free consultation addresses your requirements and tailors your message to the right audience.  Most importantly, we have platforms proven to ensure that you are seen and we are affordable. 

Social media and word of mouth are lovely.  We love it also.  But we are realistic.  Otherwise we would focus on social media and word of mouth advertising.  


  1. "Maestro helped us save so much money with our business!"
    Sara Livingston
  2. "Everyone always tells me to advertise via social media. Then I met MSS and quickly realized, why advertise social media alone when for the same price you can get multiple advertising platforms?"
    Eric - Gym Owner

Search Engine Optimization Experts

If you are looking for some good and actionable SEO tips, you arrived in the right place. Search Engine Optimization is something every website should do. By optimizing a website for search engines, you increase your chances of ranking high for your main keywords, which means you get more traffic to your site.

We will provide you the SEO that your website and business needs! 

2016 - The Year of Social Media Marketing Start-ups​
The Good, the bad, and the ugly...

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