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About "Ranger Dave"

Community & Economic Development


Ranger Dave Maestas is a guerilla marketing expert.  By creating numerous platforms to advertise his clients and through vigorous testing, he is able to provide your industry with the digital media and advertising that can propel your business forward.

Dave is a retired Special Forces "Green Beret" & 2/75 Ranger with vast experience in creating solutions to problems. His digital and social media expertise greatly surpasses many in the industry.  His knowledge is from 'doing' rather than reading about what others write about.  The proof is in the growth of his company with those he consults, advises, his platforms and social media fans, followers and group members with over 200,000 members nationwide.


Our Discover sites were designed based on our Yelp ad partnership. We saw how much traffic Yelp gets from those searching the world's largest business directory and thus we built our own hyper local city, county and military sites which gained traction quickly with millions of visitors. 

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