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Nisqually Digital Billboards | Two 18' x 60' boards

Located in the Nisqually Valley off of Interstate 5 between Lacey and Joint Base Lewis McChord.

· Only eight advertisers per board

· Each advertiser is shown 7.5 seconds per minute.

· 3.2 million vehicles per month

· Only digital billboard of this size in Thurston County on I-5

geotargeting billboard.jpg

What has been shown about ROI for digital billboards?

Studies have shown that digital billboard signs brings an average of 16% increase in sales.  As there is no digital billboard anywhere near this sign, the attention that it will receive will be tremendous.  If you are in a competitive market, this may help you stay ahead.

How can we track the effectiveness?  

We can assign a phone number for your boards which can track your calls from the billboards.  We can create landing pages with domains and track the analytics.  We can geo-target with mobile ads.  This leads to the landing pages after they have seen the boards and arrived at their destinations and ready to learn more.  Retargeting will keep your potential clients seeing you and falling within your sales funnel.   

Why is this important to the state and the local community?  

The increase in sales from local businesses results in hundreds of thousands of tax dollars with combined advertisers. Those funds can be used for schools and teachers, the homeless, the environment, and much more. 

Will digital billboards cause accidents?

This was a common misconception.  Many studies have been completed which show that there is no indictor of increased accidents from digital billboards. These are not animated billboards.

How do billboards help the environment?

Traditional large billboards require paper and adhesives that are removed with each advertiser. This has to be eventually be discarded at landfills. Digital billboards require no paper or adhesives.  Energy efficient bulbs and technology ensure that power consumption is conserved as much as possible.  Digital billboards are today's green option. 

Will the digital billboards be too bright for drivers?

We will decrease the brightness with sunset while being advised by local law.

What other benefits are there for the community?

There may be Public Service Announcements that can be displayed with proper coordination with us prior to any needed displays. This can potentially save lives.  As we know that cell phone use is a distractor that causes accidents, this allows a message to be spread in a more safe manner. WSDOT has systems in place but this can supplement them. 

Will this harm animal life?

There are over 40,000 digital billboards in the United States.  Numerous studies have been completed by the digital signage industry as well as by environmental groups.  There is not a conclusive study that shows that our animal life will be effected.  We take the environmental impacts seriously.  In fact, we postponed the original construction completion date and have concluded our own studies to ensure that we are responsible stewards of the land.  After all, the bird sanctuary next to our signage location is named after our well-known tribal member, Billy Frank Jr.   

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