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We are Yelp Ads Partners.  As a partner we help you manage your Yelp Account and optimize your experience. 

Cost Per Click Ads

Yelp’s hyperlocal search ads attract a steady stream of consumers that are searching for a business like your client’s to spend money with. Yelp Ads appear above search results and on competitor pages, are targeted by location and category, and paid per click.

Maestro's Advantage

We provide special promotional bonus pricing available to our agency for PPC ads.

Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles drive engagement with features that make it easy to manage your client’s brand, showcase what makes their business unique, and convert page views into customers. Ensure their business information is up-to-date, remove competitor ads, and drive transitions with a customizable call-to-action.

Maestro's Advantage

We can build and optimize your Yelp page. We monitor your page for requested quotes and respond to drive them to set appointments with you or visit.


Yelp can connect your clients with purchase-ready consumers at scale. 100 million people unique users search Yelp for a local business 
every month.  85% come undecided on which business 
to transact with. 97% make a purchase after visiting 
the platform.

Maestro's Advantage

We provide a monthly report with the analytics of your campaigns.  

See it for your yourself!  Even SIRI uses Yelp.

Local Business Partners


Get a FREE consultation to discuss your Yelp.

We conduct an audit to see how many leads you have missed over the past 30 days.

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