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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the basic foundation of digital marketing.  With email addresses, there are many things that you can do to help you with marketing your business.  It is more than just sending an email though.  Contact us for a consultation to learn more.  

We use Constant Contact.  Why?  The differences between a free email provider and a site like Constant Contact are significantly different.  If you wish to take your email marketing serious, "free" will not give you what you need.

2 Constant Contact and MailChimp Compari


More Differences

MailChimp does offer a FREE account option but it is limited in the number of emails you can send each month. You also only get 30-Days of support free via email; you will never find a phone number. Constant Contact’s Award Winning Support team is a phone call away regardless of what plan you select; you can rest easy knowing you have someone to help when and how you need it! 

For an extra $199 a month, on top of your regular monthly bill, you can add on MailChimp Pro; funny thing is that only includes priority support through email and chat, still no phone support. 

MailChimp does allow users to segment contact lists.


However, depending on how a user organizes their lists contacts on multiple lists can be double counted therefore changing the pricing tier for the customer. Constant Contact gives you tools to easily segment your contact list, and if you have the same email address on multiple lists we only count that as 1 billable contact, so you can send the right content to the right contacts without worrying about cost! 

Maestro Strategic Solutions is a Constant Contact Partner. 
We will help you to get started & are only a local phone call away.
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