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What is it?

By now you just witnessed it.  It is a means to engage a visitor to your website so that they eventually give you their email address.  Why is that important?  Email addresses and cell phone numbers are the basic metadata that you need to put your digital marketing in "hyper mode."  Without one or both of those pieces of information, you will have a harder time reaching those whom you want to target as a potential client or to bring them back as a reoccurring client.  Here is the great thing.  That little tool that you saw pop up is FREE up to 5000 spins.  If you don't get a lot of traffic yet, that is a nice deal to get you to the next level. The next level with this tool is 25,000 impressions for only $29 per month.  Easily affordable and with that much traffic, you are not worried about $29.

Get yours today here.  Call me if you have problems getting it set up.  It's easy.

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