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Still paying credit card processing fees?

Are you aware legislation passed has created an opportunity

to eliminate these fees in all 50 states?

Helping Business Owners Eliminate their Credit Card Processing Fees

Through new legislation that now allows for a cash discount in all 50 states, the ability to profoundly reduce if not eliminate credit card processing fees is now possible. 

Why does a marketing agency sell merchant services?  This is a revolutionary service that allows you to keep more of your hard earned dollars.  Our goal is to help you to succeed and this is going to help.

No Minimum Purchase

With the Cash Discount program, there is no longer a need to have a minimum purchase price.
With one low, flat amount, cash or credit, you keep 100% of the sale!

Easy to Read Statements

The transaction total is charged as one amount on the cardholder statement. This reduces questions from cardholders and prevents
chargebacks for unrecognized transactions.

Locked in Rate

No need to increase the costs of good or services from
card processing costs. 

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