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Tips for managing social media campaigns

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Are you a "do-it-yourself" business owner?

For most business owners, they believe that social media is a nice thing to have that can attract some potential clients. There is much more to social media and we will show you how you can do it yourself. The only thing that you are trading is time which can be significant as you have to learn a great deal to be successful with it. The first question that I ask those that consult with me is, "What is your time worth?" No matter what, your time is best spent doing what you do best with your product or service.

To those who work specifically in the social media industry, this is a science. We track the analytics. We know that a drop in impressions means a drop in sales for our clients which results in the loss of the client and a less than favorable review of our company. We track the reviews and respond as quickly as possible to ensure that if there was an issue, it is handled quickly. Positive reviews are also recognized and responded to ensure that customers come back. We produce vibrant graphics using software that we purchase, photos that have to be paid for and training if we do not have a graphic designer on staff. We produce videos as this is the most engaging post on social media. We look at the calendar and plan for events such as holidays or even National Apple Pie Day to ensure that the followers are engaged.

Automation is your friend. Within Facebook alone, you can schedule your posts for the future. You can also connect your twitter account to Facebook so that when you post on Facebook, it goes also to your twitter. Twitter is an important and necessary platform to have. We explain that on another blog here. However, you will still have to post on Instagram and LinkedIn which means that you have to transition to those platforms and start scheduling your posts again. You can use the same posts. This ensures that whomever follows you will more than likely see your post on one of the platforms. However, if your followers are truly engaged on your social media, they may not want to see the same post and get notifications for them all. This can be annoying to some and cause them to stop following you. This may mean that you will have to create entirely different posts for Instagram and LinkedIn. Keep in mind that Instagram is more visual and requires an engaging picture or video. How can you do it yourself and make it easier? You use an auto scheduler program which we specifically use MEET EDGAR (click to learn more). This allows you to schedule all of your posts on one platform easily.

Yes, there is a cost to Meet Edgar but the time that it saves you alone is well worth the inexpensive cost. There is much more that Meet Edgar can do to include re-using your content if you forget to schedule something. You can also pull in RSS feeds from a website that may have interesting articles that complement your business. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you can pull feeds from real estate websites that may discuss some of the topics that may concern home buyers and sellers as well as maybe any local news that a new home owner may want to see to learn about the area. That may be a little deeper than you want but at least you know some of the capabilities as you learn more.

If you would like to discuss more, give us a text to schedule a time to talk. 360-545-3874.

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