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Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I know your industry. I see when a new person joins your business organization and I see the repeated steps:

1. Goes on their personal Facebook page and "vomit advertises" ie: they can't stop talking about it.

2. Networks with other business owners and posts the same statements done by many others before them, almost as if they are from a script.

3. Asks for 'cute' comments from their friends and family to get some attention on Facebook such as, "What was your favorite 90s band."

If you are new in your industry, people have been seeing this for several years now on social media. Direct marketing companies especially are known for the "join my team" or "this team is on fire, join me" sort of posts. Those in traditional business and sales have their own cycles with the new employees. This is for two reasons. First they are told that this is what they must do as a newbie. Second, the newbie comes up with the idea thinking it has never been used before or listens to those who do not have the experience about digital marketing. So are you doing 1, 2 and 3? Are you telling your new people to do this? You are hurting your chances of being successful.

Prior to the internet business owners or those in sales would show up to networking groups then after a couple of months would stop showing up as they could not think 'long term.' They got some business. Maybe they spread themselves out to unqualified prospects. Ask those in business who have been here awhile. Those in networking groups and chambers that have been involved for a while have seen it all.

Those who have been in business in the Puget Sound area specifically over the last 20 years can tell you all about businesses and those in sales, coming and going. Digitally, we have seen the same cycles. So, we write this to help you.

So what can you do? Your boss is from an old school of marketing. Even if they hired someone for digital marketing, that person is way behind the power curve and will use old tactics as well. The only thing that they know is from reading blogs from people who read other blogs and don't have a following of their own to give real metrics on what works and what does not work. In fact, I have a friend who recently graduated with a Master's Degree in marketing and as we sat and I discussed our marketing tactics, she whispered, "There is no one who is teaching this!" <WHOA!>

Why are we different? We have over 300 social media pages and groups with many subjects and groups. We get hundreds of thousands of impressions per month from our posts. We use the data to determine what is effective. We conduct a/b testing (see our newest blog coming out March 1st about a/b testing) to determine what messages will create results. No one else in the Puget Sound is doing what we are doing at this level.

Finally we bring a holistic approach to digital media. Facebook alone is not going to solve your advertising problem. If it could, it would make life very easy for us as an agency.

When you are ready to stop the insanity, give us a call. 360-280-1068.

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