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Turn your website into a sales prospecting tool

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Sales teams want leads, not web analytics. They want companies, names, and contact information, not IP addresses, or page views. There is a website visitor tracking tool that gives your sales team the ability to reach out to warm B2B leads that are in the early buying-stages of the sales funnel.

By using website visitor tracking and identification software, warm B2B leads rise to the surface so your sales team can focus on what they do best. This is different from website analytics tools because it was designed for busy sales teams that need actionable information at their fingertips, not raw, unfiltered data.

Imagine, a CEO, VP, marketing director, someone within a company goes to your website to learn about your services. They are already looking for someone who can perform the services that you provide. Do you want them to continue searching for others and forget about you? Would you rather be informed that they visited your site, have their contact information and give them a call and say, "I am Mr. Big from xyz company and I would like to have a conversation about what we offer." Guess what normally happens in these situations? The response is generally, "I was just looking at your website. Yes, this is what I am looking for." If you are trained in sales and know how to deliver your products or services in a manner that explains the value of your company, the results will be very satisfying.

If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE and see how valuable this software can be for your company and best of all, it is very inexpensive. You can try it for FREE!

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