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Increase your product visibility

Pointy gets you found online so that you can sell more in-store. We do this by making it incredibly

easy to get all of your products displayed online in a way that is optimized for local SEO.

● Just connect a Pointy box to your barcode scanner, and we do everything else. We'll

automatically find the product images, host the website, and make sure you come up on Google.

● Being found online brings more customers through your door.

● It is really good value, only costing $499 (one-time payment, no monthly recurring).

● And there is a 90 day trial period with 100% money back if you are not happy with the service.

● The solution is simple yet very effective. Get thousands of your products online with no work for


Product Features

● A Pointy box, which creates a web page listing your products online

● All website hosting and updates

● All happens automatically, there's no work for the retailer to do

● Social media & Google Adwords integration

● Retailer reports & tech support

Used by over 4000 retailers nationwide. 

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Your Products Found Online

No data entry.  We populate your inventory for you.  


Come up on Google

Pointy helps your products to appear higher on search results. 


Google Integration

Google's "See what's in store" gives shoppers an additional way to discover what your store sells, directly on the Google search page.  It's an effective way to attract more customers.  



Use Google to further increase your search results.  We can help. 

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